Our Story
Montreoux is an established destination for the finest varieties of desserts & coffee. With more than 10 locations throughout Riyadh city, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Montreux specializes in delicious Italian tiramisu and french desserts, made from original recipes from Italy and France. We pride ourselves on the finest sourcing of ingredients, such as our Italian origin Pistachios from the City of Cecile, famous for growing the finest Pistachios.
The Central Kitchen
Montreux Cafe operates a central kitchen in Riyadh, fully equipped with the best utilities & capabilities to produce the finest baked goods & desserts. With a wide range of experienced qualified staff & best sourcing standards, our central kitchen has the the greatest capacity to overcome any obstacles towards streamlining sourcing & preparations for our brands & locations.
Recipes & Ingredients
With a streamlined process towards the finest sourcing & staff training protocols, we’ve reached sustainable standards of perfecting the recipe at hand. We have systematically engineered our processes towards consistency & perfection. We have no tolerance for any level of compromise on food sourcing or preparation standards. At any of our brands or locations, you’ll find we guarantee you the same great taste & quality every single day.
Our Passion for Coffee
Coffee is the fuel for the hardworking 21st century citizen. We understand the people's passion for it. We appreciate it. We support it.

Montreux Cafe has partnered with the best coffee experts & suppliers in the region to provide the absolute best coffee. Whether you like the finest black coffee, or your flavored caffeinated beverages, we got it covered.

We're also proud lovers of consistent awesome coffee.
Get in touch!
At Montreux, we rely on the support of our team members to continuously enhance our standards of quality and contribute to our success at all operations. We pride ourselves on hiring skilled professionals and talents to grow alongside our constantly evolving organization.

For working with us, or for general feedback, please contact us at:
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